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Tornado Safety Tips

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Tornado Safety Tips Always be prepared for a tornado!

Tornado's although not very common can be very unpredictable, as well as extremely destructive.  There is no fool proof plan to guarantee safety during a tornado, but there are actions that can be taken to increase you're odds of staying safe and injury free.  Being prepared is the most important step you can take.  Having a plan and a place to take shelter is the first thing that should be planned out.  Followed by having supplies ready such as fresh batteries, radio, and a emergency kit.  Be aware of the weather especially if thunderstorms are in the forecast.  A tornado can form without warning and rapidly at times.  Some warning signs include, a dark/green sky, a large low lying dark cloud, hail, and a loud noise similar to a freight train. When taking shelter you want to find a basement or the lowest lying room without windows.  Make sure to always protect your head, and cover yourself in a blanket or sleeping bag.  Just staying prepared is always the number one safety step.  If a tornado were ever to strike, just know that SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mt Holly has the experience and tools to clean up any damages!

Identifying Botrytis Mold & Handling It

2/28/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Identifying Botrytis Mold & Handling It Botrytis Mold Growth on a Strawberry.

There are many different types of mold.  A common one that can be growing inside your home is known as Botrytis mold, also known as gray mold.  It can be found almost anywhere that plants are being grown including inside your home. It can spread easily through wind and water, and grow on a variety of surfaces.  It first appears as a white fuzzy color rapidly turning to gray, and sometimes even brown.  Like most molds Botrytis thrives in moisture and attacks the weak part of a plant and spreads to the healthy areas.  Some frequent household foods that are affected are strawberries, grapes, lettuce, onions, and cabbage.  Botrytis mold is highly allergenic.  Because of all these issue, it is very important for this mold to be removed right away.  At first sight any infected plant must be removed and disposed of to stop any further growth. To make sure your home is completely mold free contacting SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly is a smart decision.  Our experts will run mold tests and make sure that all mold growth is found and removed properly. Leaving your home mold free and a safe environment to live in.

How To Deal With A Water Damaged Mattress

2/20/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Deal With A Water Damaged Mattress Water Damaged Mattress

Water damage can affect just about any household item.  One that can be a real pain to deal with is your mattress.  Before you start to take the steps to recovery you may want to decide if it is worth it.  Some things you may want to consider are the price and age.  If you have a cheaper or older mattress it may just easier to get a new one rather than restore the wet one. Depending on the material of the mattress it may be a lot more difficult to dry out cotton, foam, or rubber ones.  Mattress's with springs dry out much easier.  Finally the extent of the damage, sometimes it's just to serious and easier to get rid of the mattress. It is important to act quickly if you decide save the mattress.  Calling SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mt Holly will save you a lot of pain and struggle.  Having the proper equipment to dry out the mattress properly.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mt Holly will have your mattress completely dry and odor free in no time!

Safety Steps To Take After A Damaging Storm

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Safety Steps To Take After A Damaging Storm Uprooted tree from a storm with high winds.

No matter how much preparation or planning, there is no telling what damage a storm can leave behind! Collapsing roofs, broken windows, hazardous debris, and standing water in your home are just a few risks that can be left behind. Along with possible mold growth from water getting into carpets and furniture. Following these steps after a storm strikes will help keep you and your family safe.  If you smell any gas shut off the gas line.  Look out for any broken glass, sharp objects, or nails that could cause a risk.  While taking these immediate precautions, contacting a reputable restoration company such as SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly as soon as possible to help in the recovery process. Next you will want to photograph any damage they may have occurred to have on record for your insurance company, as well as contacting your insurance company to get an adjuster out to survey the damage. After all these steps are take just leave the rest to SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly to clean up any mess no matter the extent! 

How Smoke Can Damage a Home!

2/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Smoke Can Damage a Home! Here we have a heavily smoke damaged house.

It is not very hard to figure out if, and where you have smoke damage in your home after a fire.  Most commonly you will have discolored walls or ceilings, ash or soot on the floor, and charred items. Besides the visuals smoke damage can also produce odor and other side effects that can damage property and health. Although smoke damage usually is noticeable right away, but sometimes it does take a few days to surface.  Another precaution to be aware of after a fire is that your electrical system could have easily been damaged as well. Electrical damage can range from signs of corrosion, experience of short circuits or just complete failure. Certain parts of a room may experience more damage then others. Ceilings are most common because of how heat rises. Also nail heads in the wall and ceilings will attract smoke particles. A fire will continue to cause issues even after it has been extinguished, don't put you or your family health at risk.  Contact SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly to help in any fire or smoke cleanup.  It's always important to act quickly to minimize the health risks as well as repairs to be done on the house.       

Dealing with Mold after Flooding or Heavy Rain

1/31/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Dealing with Mold after Flooding or Heavy Rain This is the result of not acting quickly when flood damage affected this basement.

After a flood or even just a heavy rain mold can always become an issue!  If you ever find yourself dealing with a water damage that could become mold issue contact SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly.  Responding quickly is the first action to take.  The quicker we can get out there the less damage will occur and more time and money will be saved.  Also it lowers the chance of mold spores spreading throughout the flooded area.  The first action SERVPRO will take is make sure there is good ventilation in the building so that air can circulate.  Water extraction is the next step, making sure to remove as much standing water as possible.  Any items that may have already been affected by mold will be disposed in a sealed back to prevent any spreading.  Affected items that must be kept will be cleaned properly by the experts of SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly.  The two main keys to mold prevention is 1. Keeping everything clean and 2. Keeping everything as dry as possible. Following these steps as well as keeping the number for SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly handy will be great steps in preventing mold.  We can always ensure your home is safe,dry, and mold free!

Winter Weather Hazards

1/30/2019 (Permalink)

During these winter months there are a variety of dangers that can occur and leave you in need of assistance.  First of heavy snow storms can brings lot of snow.  If enough snow builds up on power lines or tree branches they can snap and cause some serious issues.  Structural damage is a common one along with the potential of fire risk.  Always be on the look out for low hanging power lines as well as tree branches they may already be damaged. Just being aware could potentially save you a lot of trouble, as well as your life.  Another risk during these cold times is extremely low temperatures. One of the big risks of freezing temperatures is frozen pipes in your home or business.  When pipes are exposed to extreme temperatures they are at a high risk of bursting.  This will likely lead large water damages.  To help prevent this from happening look out for any pipes that me be previously cracked or just in need or replacing from age.  Also if you notice a pipe during freezing do your best to thaw it out before it get to bad.  If you are affected by any type of damage or loss this winter SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly is always ready to take on any job!

Cold Weather Means Freezing Pipes!

1/25/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Cold Weather Means Freezing Pipes! This pipe burst after a window was left open with temperatures outside way below freezing.

As we are right in the heart of the winter season we are seeing numerous pipes bursting from freezing temperatures.  Although sometimes it just happens and there is not much you can do, there are a few ways you can lower the risk of a bursting pipe.  The easiest is just inspecting the pipes.  Look for rusty pipes, cracks or leaks that may be occurring as well as any other noticeable damage.  These will all raise the chance of a pipe bursting by a large margin.  Another precaution you can take is by wrapping water line pipes in insulate.  Although this will not prevent freezing it will slow down the transfer rate of heat to cold. Leaving doors open to cabinets or closets at night will help warm air circulate preventing freezing.  Just being aware is the main key.  If you notice freezing on pipes take action to thaw the pipe out immediately.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly is always one call away if all fails and a frozen pipe brings you disaster and damage.

Immediate Fire Restoration and why its Important

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

Fires can be a devastating when they occur.  It is crucial though when a fire strikes that you get the restoration process started immediately.  The longer that it is put off the harder and more repairs will be needed. This also means the price of repairs goes up as well.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly specializes in fire damage and restoration.  Contacting us is the first step in getting the restoration underway. SERVPRO will try to save as many of your home and personal belongings that we can. Remember that safety comes first, so if there’s no way to safely gain access into your home, then stay out until SERVPRO professionals arrive.  On arrival we perform a thorough cleanup using our industrial-grade products and equipment, such as dry cleaning soot sponges to remove loose soot and specialized vacuum filters to clean carpet and upholstery.  Unfortunately fires happen, but when they do make sure you act quickly to get the damage cleaned up.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly takes fire damage and leaves it "Like it never even happened." 

Handling A Biohazard Cleanup

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Handling A Biohazard Cleanup No matter the mess SERVPRO of Burlington Township/ Mt Holly cleans up the best!

You may think SERVPRO of Burlington Township/ Mount Holly only specializes in fire and water cleanup and restoration.  SERVPRO also offers fast, reliable bio hazard, and crime scene cleanup to residential and commercial property owners.  Franchise Professionals are trained to safely and effectively remove hazardous biological substances and take the proper procedures for disposal.  All of which follow the proper steps according to OSHA, EPA, and the local health regulations.  Any exposure to biological and chemical contaminants could cause serious health issues for anyone that is involved with the building.  If proper steps are not taken to remove and dangerous substances, it could lead to unhealthy and dangerous environments. Blood borne pathogens are up at the top as a potential dangerous substance.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly will remove and dispose of bodily fluids, tissue, and any other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime, or death.  Although all of these may difficult to deal with they happen, and that's where SERVPRO will help turn a messy situation into a clean one.