Recent Before & After Photos

Fire Damage

No matter how big or small the fire damage is we can be the heroes in restoring your home and business. Like above is the picture of a fire damage door. The pro... READ MORE

Just a flood in your commercial building?

SERVPRO are the experts in clean-ups especially after a flood from a storm, leak or a pipe bursting. The picture above are from a saturated office in the area. ... READ MORE

Leaks Cause by Storms

Sometimes with a storm, it tends to bring high winds and tree branches will fall on roofs. The tree branch landing on the roof cause damages and water will leak... READ MORE

Storm, Nor'Easters and Hurricane

Like this shed in the picture. Not all structure all meant to withstand the damaging high winds of any storm that comes to our state. Thankfully SERVPRO is the ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation for Residential and Commercial

Recent work of ours shows an office building that leaked the upper flood causing the walls to have mold growth. We at SERVPRO are the professional in the safest... READ MORE

Stop! You Don't to Replace that Closet Door

Mold is hazardous to your health and family health. Replacing the moldy door isn't going to solve the mold issue immediately. Let the pros of SERVPRO safety res... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

A kitchen fire caused by the stoves left on with a pot on top or by grease is one of worse types of fires a homeowner can experience. SERVPRO is on the call 24 ... READ MORE


Having a fire in your home is terrible! Just thinking about the cost of it of fixing your home back to normal is another headache. SERVPRO can alleviate all tho... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up

Here we have the aftermath of an in-store fire in the restroom. This type of clean up is something a maintenance person will not be able to handle to on time to... READ MORE

Drying Services

This picture is a flooded office building in Burlington that was a broken pipe that leaks inside during the early morning hours. SERVPRO immediately came out an... READ MORE