Recent Before & After Photos


Fires can cause so many problems even after they are put out. You still have to deal with that distinct odor. There are property damages. There are structural d... READ MORE

Commercial Flooding

Commercial Flooding is very common in these areas as well. When you have a structure that has multiple levels and is left unaware of flooding for multiple hours... READ MORE

Drying Out Structure

This is in Burlington New Jersey where a storm had just occurred and had caused a lot of water to flow into the first floor. The walls were insulated so our cre... READ MORE

Storm Problems

As we all know storms can cause many problems in many different ways. Here at SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly we are highly trained to perform... READ MORE

Clean Air

Here at SERVPRO we use a lot of tools and equipment to make sure the job is done correctly. Here is a photo of a vortex fan taking negative pressure air out of ... READ MORE

New Flooring

These are some photos of a commercial building in New Jersey that had a damage that hit multiple units. This floor was completely destroyed when SERVPRO of ... READ MORE


Here in a commercial space in New Jersey, SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly was called to the scene after a storm hit this building. It tore off... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

This flood occurred on the weekend in Burlington New Jersey. We were called in and had crews ready to respond quickly and got there within an hour. This was a w... READ MORE

Water Damage in Burlington, NJ

In Burlington New Jersey water damages can happen in many ways. A common one is an old water heater. They can begin to rust or crack and before you know it you ... READ MORE

Sewage Cleanup Services in PA and NJ

Restaurants are very big on having their business up and running because if its not then they are losing money. Any minor set back can cause this problem and ma... READ MORE