Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Sewage Leak into Parking Garage

This is the lower level of a parking garage that suffered a minor sewage leak that ran onto the walls. Though the damage does not seem to severe the odor that ... READ MORE

Just a flood in your commercial building?

SERVPRO are the experts in clean-ups especially after a flood from a storm, leak or a pipe bursting. The picture above are from a saturated office in the area. ... READ MORE

Fire Clean Up

Here we have the aftermath of an in-store fire in the restroom. This type of clean up is something a maintenance person will not be able to handle to on time to... READ MORE

Drying Services

This picture is a flooded office building in Burlington that was a broken pipe that leaks inside during the early morning hours. SERVPRO immediately came out an... READ MORE

Flooding Clean at a Retail Store

Any flooding in retail can hinder the business for an owner. Here we have a grocery store that had a leak from one of its freezer causes more than one aisle to ... READ MORE

Fire Damage at a College Dorm

We are the professional in restorations! Here we have the damages of a fire in a college dorm. SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly will return the dorm to its ori... READ MORE

Commercial Flooding

Commercial Flooding is very common in these areas as well. When you have a structure that has multiple levels and is left unaware of flooding for multiple hours... READ MORE

New Flooring

These are some photos of a commercial building in New Jersey that had a damage that hit multiple units. This floor was completely destroyed when SERVPRO of Burl... READ MORE