Recent Before & After Photos

Post-Water Damage, Fully Restored!

This Mt. Holly home was damaged by a pipe burst on the upper level. Most of the damage was concentrated in the kitchen. Here, you can see the kitchen has been f... READ MORE

Water Damage Repairs in Willingboro, NJ

A pipe burst caused substantial damage to this New Jersey home. Holes had to be cut in the first floor bathroom ceiling for drainage. SERVPRO of Burlington &... READ MORE

Sewage Overflow!

Storms can cause water to come into anywhere and when it rains hard or long enough it can even over flow a sewage system. Here is a before and after photo. You ... READ MORE

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Kitchen fires can be very dangerous in the restaurant business. SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly can provide a service to accommodate your needs to ke... READ MORE

Upholstery Cleaning

These photos of of sofas that got damaged due to a storm that broke a window and poured rain all over the living room and the furniture in it. It began to smell... READ MORE

Masters of Mold Remediation

This retail space was affected by a leaky pipe from the store above. The "After" photo is actually an "In-Progress" photo as we are currently working this job. ... READ MORE

Detail School Cleanings

As the busy time of the year comes along for New Jersey schools, everything needs to be looking its best. SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly specializes... READ MORE

Helping out Local Restaurants with Cleanups.

Restaurants are very big on having their business up and running because if its not then they are losing money. Any minor set back can cause this problem and ma... READ MORE

A Step Above the rest in Fire Restoration and Preventing Fires.

Fires can be caused by all kinds of ways and it is important to take measures the prevent them from happening. This dryer vent cleaning in Mount Holly, NJ is an... READ MORE

Surprise! Another Kitchen Fire

Here we see the aftermath of a kitchen. A oven mitt was left to close to the stove while a pot of water was left to boil. The homeowner had walked away thinki... READ MORE