Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Surprise! Another Kitchen Fire

Here we see the aftermath of a kitchen. A oven mitt was left to close to the stove while a pot of water was left to boil. The homeowner had walked away thinki... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire Damage!

The result of this fire damage came after the homeowner had a space heater located to close to the bed. The heater was then knocked over by one of the owners pe... READ MORE

House fire from a Candle

The fire damage shown here was the result of a candle that was left burning, and unattended in the hallway. It may look bad but it could have been a whole lot ... READ MORE

Warehouse Fire

The fire happened in the warehouse's heating system. Majority of the damage was smoke and soot. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly came in and cleaned the smoke and s... READ MORE

Microwave Fire

The fire started in the microwave. After, the fire starting it spread up the cabinet above the microwave. Leaving soot and smoke damage on the cabinets and ceil... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

The fire started from the stove in the kitchen. The cabinets and wall were covered in fire damage and smoke damage. The customer called SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. H... READ MORE

Fire Damage on Hardwood Flooring

This is the aftermath of a large area rug, that caught fire when ashes flew from the fireplace and ignited the rug. Not only was the rug destroyed, but the hard... READ MORE

Living Room Fire

The fire destroyed the whole living room. Every wall in the room was destroyed and needed to be replaced. SERVPRO came in and cleaned the area up and restored t... READ MORE

Garage Fire!

Here we have a prime example of the masterful restoring jobs we do here at SERVPRO. With the roof of this garage taking most of the fire damage. It was importan... READ MORE

Kitchen fire!

Here we have a great example of a terrible kitchen fire that was no match for SERVPRO! Always ready an up to the task, this job was completed in 3 days! Getting... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Residents Home

Fire aftermath does not scare us! We are the professional in clean ups and restorations. We are the fire experts in cleaning up after a fire. Our process are sa... READ MORE

Fire Damage

No matter how big or small the fire damage is we can be the heroes in restoring your home and business. Like above is the picture of a fire damage door. The pro... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire

A kitchen fire caused by the stoves left on with a pot on top or by grease is one of worse types of fires a homeowner can experience. SERVPRO is on the call 24 ... READ MORE


Having a fire in your home is terrible! Just thinking about the cost of it of fixing your home back to normal is another headache. SERVPRO can alleviate all tho... READ MORE

Old Appliances

Sometimes fires occur when we least expect it like a stove electrical shortage causing a fire in your kitchen and damaging the kitchen from fire and smoke damag... READ MORE

Restoring Floors

We take pride in our work! SERVPRO of Burlington/ Mount Holly like to showcase the work we do in the community. This a kitchen floor after being damage in a fir... READ MORE


Fires can cause so many problems even after they are put out. You still have to deal with that distinct odor. There are property damages. There are structural d... READ MORE

Clean Air

Here at SERVPRO we use a lot of tools and equipment to make sure the job is done correctly. Here is a photo of a vortex fan taking negative pressure air out of ... READ MORE

Soot Damage

These photographs show a very clear picture of soot damage on a structure and how SERVPRO was able to restore this part of the structure.