Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Upholstery Cleaning

These photos of of sofas that got damaged due to a storm that broke a window and poured rain all over the living room and the furniture in it. It began to smell... READ MORE

Flooded Carpet!

This homes first floor was flooded out after a few days of steady rain flow, and the low elevation location of the home. The carpeted room shown here was hit th... READ MORE

Ceiling Water Damage

Here we have ceiling damage after a bathtub overflowed. The homeowner had fallen asleep while filling the bathtub, causing it to spill water to the floor below... READ MORE

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

The hardwood floor was damaged from water that was leaking from the ceiling. The hardwood floor was damaged beyond repair. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly was call... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Causes Water Damage

This is a basement that got flooded from a broken pipe in the house. The carpet was soaked with water. The after picture shows that SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly... READ MORE

Flooded Bedroom

This flood here was the result of a shower pipe that broke. The room affected was located one wall away from where the shower pipes were located. So when the wa... READ MORE

Carpet Water Damage

This water damage happened from a broken pipe in a business. The water made the carpet stained with water marks. The after picture shows how well the water dama... READ MORE

Restoring floor after broken pipe

This flood damage shown is the result of a shower pipe that broke on the second story of a home. Causing the water to flood the first floor of the home. The hom... READ MORE

Basement Flood

Basement of a house in Burlington had suffer a water leak coming from the basement windows. We came in with our equipment and pulled out all the water. Dried th... READ MORE

Storm Floods

It was very unfortunate that the customer suffers water damage on their floor inside their home. But SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly came in with the crew and... READ MORE

Removing Wet and Moldy Walls

The water of a flooded home, rose to 5 feet. It damage the wall causing it remain wet and develop mold. Our great crew of SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly remo... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

This flood occurred on the weekend in Burlington New Jersey. We were called in and had crews ready to respond quickly and got there within an hour. This was a w... READ MORE

Water Damage in Burlington, NJ

In Burlington New Jersey water damages can happen in many ways. A common one is an old water heater. They can begin to rust or crack and before you know it you ... READ MORE

Sewage Cleanup Services in PA and NJ

Restaurants are very big on having their business up and running because if its not then they are losing money. Any minor set back can cause this problem and ma... READ MORE

Hurricane Sandy

This bungalow at the Jersey shore took on about 2 feet of water during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. Because we were unable to reach the property until 2 we... READ MORE

Stain Removal

This stain was present on the carpet for more than one year. No one is sure what caused it. The business managers called in several companies and tried various ... READ MORE