Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Small Bedroom Fire

Here we have a small fire damage that was caused by a heater that was placed to close to the wall.  Left unattended the wall got so hot that it eventually ignited.  Luckily the homeowner did notice the fire rather quickly before, and was able to extinguish it before it did serious damage.  Although it may look like a small job the smoke, soot, and odor can cause other issues.   SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly responded to the cleanup call within  2 hours.  After removing fire damaged area of the wall soot removal was next.  Using special cleaning sponges the soot was cleaned off of the surrounding walls.  The final step was using a ozone machine to remove the smoke odor throughout the house.  After a few days of the ozone treatment and the wall repaired, SERVPRO of Burlington Township / Mount Holly had the fire damage looking "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage in the Attic

This imagine shows severe fire damage throughout a the attic of a home after an electrical spark.  As you can see the beams are covered in soot and charred wood.  Smoke damage is also clearly seen.  Not only is this dangerous to the structure possibly collapsing, but post a health threat if not taken care or quickly. SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly was contacted to handle the fire damage cleanup after the blaze was put out.  Luckily for this home  the wood just needed to be scrubbed rather than replaced. Using special sponges and chemicals the wood was left looking soot free.  Air scrubbers were than brought in, and the deodorization process than took place.  After 4 days or combined cleaning and odor removal SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly left the attic looking "Like it never even happened."

Stove Fire!

This damage shown here was the result of when the homeowner forgot to turn of the stove top, and a oven mitt caught fire because it was to close.  Not only was there major fire damage, but as shown here ash and soot covered the ceiling.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly was called out so that we could properly and effectively remove all of it.  Luckily we were contacted very quickly after the indecent and the smoke damage was easily removed within a days time.  Smoke damage that is left to sit for long periods of time can result in permanent damage.  The homeowner was thoroughly pleased with the cleanup results, after three quick days of extensive work.  So remember after always make sure all ovens, stoves and cooking devices are shut off when not present, or not in use. Do not let silly mistakes put yourself and your family at risk.

Space Heater Fire

This house caught on fire by a space heater left on after the family left for the day. If space heaters are left on they have a big chance of catching on fire. Also, space heaters can catch fire if they are placed to close to any furniture or curtains in the house. The results of this house was that the space heater was placed to close to the curtains and caught them on fire. Once the curtains caught on fire the rest of the house followed shortly after. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly was called to clean the soot and smoke damage off the walls and ceiling. The family was shocked of the results of the house. All the soot and smoke damage was cleaned up. 

Hot Water Heater Fire

The fire damage shown in the picture started from the hot water heater. The homeowner was shocked to find that the hot water heater started the fire. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly explained to her that hot water heaters are a common way that fires start in houses. There was significant fire damage that happened in the basement of the house. The entire wall behind and around the hot water heater was destroyed and needed to be replaced. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly got rid of the fire damage that needed to be taken out also, they cleaned the smoke and soot damage that the fire left. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly also got rid of the smell of smoke. The homeowner was extremely happy with the results.

Smoke and Soot Damage in a Basement

This is all the smoke and soot buildup in a basement after a house fire. As you may know fires not only can destroy things bye burning them. Smoke and soot damage can be just as bad. Unlike the burnt down property, smoke and soot damage can be restored! SERVPRO was able to turn these walls back to there original white color in just two days work. Which is good news for the owner, because leaving soot to sit around is a health hazard. Also the longer smoke and soot remain on a surface the harder it will be to clean. So its crucial after a fire to take action quick, and get that soot out!

Multiple Apartments Destroyed From a Fire

This is the aftermath of a fire starting in a apartment complex. The fire was started in the kitchen of one of the apartments. The fire then spread to the other apartments destroying every apartment that was connected. When these apartment complex catch fire it is hard for firefighters and personnel to put out the fire before it spreads further. Therefore, this is the usual result of a apartment complex fire. However, when these disasters happen SERVPRO will be there to help clean up and restore the fire damage to usual.

Apartment Complex Fire Damage

This was the aftermath of an apartment complex fire. The apartment buildings show significant damage. Projects like these take a lot of time to recreate what was there. That is why everyone should choose SERVPRO for damages like this. SERVPRO would accomplish the job to recreate the same building as it was. SERVPRO strives to make every project like nothing even happened

Kitchen Fire

One of the most common places for a fire to occur in a home is the kitchen. Open flames,gas,grease, and human error could all factor into sparking a kitchen fire. No matter the size or damage a fire may cause, SERVPRO of Society Hill is one call away. Ready to restore your kitchen to have you cooking again in no time! Accidents can happen at anytime, an that's why SERVPRO is always prepared to come fix them!

When Fire Strikes!

When fires strikes your home or business call the professional to restore everything back to normal. We ensure that the aftermath of the fire damage and the water damage from the fire being put out will not hurt the structure of your home. Count on us!

Fire! Fire!

A house fire can happen to anyone even to those that think it won't happen to them. Its okay if something like this happen. You have SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly to make you home look the way it did before a fire ever happen.

We are here for you 24/7

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly we are here to serve the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It does not matter the time or day we are here to assist you in any damage clean up of a fire or water emergency you may have.

Aftermath of a House Fire

House fires are a miserable thing to happen to a homeowner. The homeowner can rely on SERVPRO of Burlington/ Mount Holly to help restore their kitchen back to normal and take your worries away.

Restorations Masters!

Restorations Masters of SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly are proud to restore all your personal belongings after a fire. We are here to assist you with all your needs in your hardest times.

Air Scrubber

This photo is of an air scrubber we use during mold or fire damages. It sucks in all the bad air that can be harmful or have an odor and it gets trapped in a top of the line filter and pumps out fresh air so its not as harmful or has an odor during such damages.

Fire Damage in Burlington, NJ

We were called in for a Fire Damage Inventory and were able to assist the homeowner with any questions.