Water Damage Photo Gallery

Department Store Flood

This department store flooded after a pipe on the floor above burst sending a deluge of water to the store below.  Dangerous conditions forced the store to close until the problem was fixed.  Knowing that they were losing money the longer the store remained closed SERVPRO of Burlington Township/ Mt  Holly was contacted to fix the damages.  Responding swiftly to the call SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly was able to assemble the crew and equipment needed. Moving all the products out of harms way they were than able to extract the water.  After all the standing water was removed the dryers were set in place.  After a two day period the floors were completely dried and the store was able to re-open. It is crucial as a business to reach out as soon as possible when a disaster strikes so that money is not lost from being shut down.

Freezing Temperatures and Bursting Pipes!

Here we have a shocking picture of what happens when I pipe bursts in below zero temperatures.  This was located in the basement of a home that did not have any heat circulation.  An older pipe located above the sink burst while the homeowner was away for the night.  Water rained down and over night just began to freeze on the floor and build up around the sink.  This was the result when the homeowner arrived home the next morning.  Once the water was shut of SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly was called out for this emergency.  Any damage and build up of ice was cleared up in a days time.  Although this is rare, if temperatures are cold enough it can happen! Always make sure to monitor pipes when temperatures get extremely cold to prevent anything like this from happening.  Always remember SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mt Holly can handle any job thrown our way!

Hot Water Heater Flood

The result of this flooded basement was caused after a old hot water heater gave way leaving water all over the basement.  SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly was quick to the scene after receiving the frantic call from the residential home.  The 2 inches of water throughout the basement was extracted in a short period of time.  Whatever could be saved and restored was put to the side.  While all damaged contents were removed to be disposed properly.  After a plumber replaced the old hot water heater SERVPRO could then begin drying all the surfaces affected by the water.  Working swiftly to begin the drying process is important, so that mold growth does not begin.  The drying out took about 2 days to fully dry, and there not a damp spot to be found.  Unfortunately these accidents happen to everyone.  That's why it's important to contact SERVPRO of Burlington Township/Mount Holly as soon as disaster hits.  

School Water Damage

This school suffered a water damage from the sprinkler system bursting in the middle of the night. All four floors of the school were affected by water. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly got to the job quickly and started to clean the water up so they can start the drying process. SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly wanted to get in fast so the children could get back in school. The principle could not believe how fast SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly responded.

Commercial Water Damage

This water damage happened from a pipe bursting on the fifth floor. The water seeped through the floor damaging two more floor below. The ceiling, walls, and carpet needed water extraction. Some of the damage was non restorable and needed to be taken out. It was a big job however, SERVPRO Burlington/Mt. Holly got the job done. The property manager was relieved that the building looks like it did before the disaster happened.

Kitchen Water Damage

This water damage happened from the sink over flowing and spilling onto the floor. The homeowner said that she turned the sink on to thaw food out for dinner. The homeowner then forgot that they left the sink on. Then, she left to go do something else. When she returned the kitchen was filled with water. SERVPRO was called and cleaned up the water and the damage that the water left. 

Water Damaged Floor

The damage shown here is the result of a washing machine malfunction.  Water damage affected the floor and walls beneath. Carpet had to be Pulled so that the floor beneath could be dried out along with the carpet. The bottom parts of the walls suffered from some mold growth and had to be taken out. After four days of drying out the water affected areas, the home was ready for repair. SERVPRO was able to clean up this water damage properly. Leaving another fully satisfied customer with a damage that looked "like it never even happened."

Hotel Flood!

After three full days of non stop rain, this hotel was hit with a flood in their front lobby. With competing hotels right around the corner. This problem needed to be fixed immediately! With one call to SERVPRO. The restoration was under way within the hour of the call. Quick response, an the proper equipment the flood water was extracted in no time at all. The hotel was extremely pleased with the work that was done. With the quick call and response from SERVPRO The hotel was able to stay open, an keep filling their rooms with customers. If mother nature punches you. SERVPRO is always ready with the counter punch! There isn't a job that we cant handle, an leave it looking like nothing ever happened! 


Just got home from a vacation like our customer did and found this, inside your home? Well do not fret and let the experts of SERVPRO of Society Hill make it all go away and have your house back to normal.

Drying Experts!

SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly are the drying experts when floods or leaks happen in a home or a business. Even after a fire, the water from the fire department can also cause damage to your home. Call the experts in drying and assisting in all water damages!


Just got home from a vacation like our customer did and found this, inside your home? Well do not fret and let the experts of SERVPRO of Burlington/ Mount Holly make it all go away and have your house back to normal.

The Aftermath of a Bathroom Fire

The extent of damage after a fire and after the fire department has put out the fire is a big event for any homeowner. For SERVPRO it is not a problem at all. Call the professional to handle any of you fire and water damages.

Oh No! Not Another Flooded Basement

Flooding is a common thing in the area especially after several days after non-stop rain, and the ground is very saturated. The effects of constant storms are the possibility of a flooded basement. Call SERVPRO of Burlington/Mount Holly at any time to quickly clean and dried up the basement to prevent damage belonging, structural damages and mold.


This photo shows an important piece of equipment we use for almost all water damages. This is a dehumidifier. It pulls all moisture out of the air and helps dry structures in an more effective way. Especially when added with fans and having the heat turned up. They are vital to an large water loss. 

Moisture Reading

Here is just one of the tools we use to see how saturated in water something may be. the picture clearly shows the wall is completely wet and will either need to be dried or replaced.